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Posted by Woof & Ready on Friday, 23 November 2018

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Posted by Woof & Ready on Friday, 23 November 2018

Our qualified trio of hydrotherapists hold a level 3 and level 4 in canine hydrotherapy. Hannah, Holly and Lucy have all experienced hydrotherapy first hand with their own dogs and have appreciated the benefits it has had on their everyday lives. They believe that hydrotherapy is an effective and versatile method of exercise which helps treat dogs with a multitude of conditions as well as maintaining good health and well being.

Hannah has been working at Woof & Ready Ltd since 2009 and has training and qualifications in grooming and hydrotherapy. She recently completed her Level 4 in canine hydrotherapy which is currently the highest award in the profession. Hannah believes that hydrotherapy is the best form of exercise due to its adaptability and encompassment of dogs of all ages and abilities.

Holly is the founder and owner of Woof & Ready Ltd. Holly is a qualified City &Guilds Groomer and also holds a Level 3 in canine hydrotherapy. Holly recently decided to bring hydrotherapy to Glossop and the surrounding areas due to her discovering her Yorkshire terrier had a degenerative spinal disease. Holly has seen the first hand results of hydrotherapy and believes that every dog owner should have the ability to access similar results via our hydrotherapy centre.

Lucy started working with Woof & Ready Ltd in March 2016 helping out on reception then started training as a Hydrotherapist in July 2016 completing her Level 3. Lucy races a team of Huskies and uses Hydrotherapy as a good out of season exercise for them to keep them fit and healthy. She has seen fantastic results with hydrotherapy when used to aid weight loss, improve performance, help injuries and the general well being of dogs and encourages all owners to consider it as a fantastic form of rehabilitation.

Our pool is a custom made 6 x 3m canine swimming pool with a depth of 1.2 meters. This makes it suitable for even the largest breed of dog. The pool provides a perfect environment for your dog to swim, with a water temperature between 29°-30°. This helps increase blood flow and warms up the muscles of your dog whilst swimming. Our specially designed non-slip internal and external ramps give easy entry into the water. Our pool is also equipped with water jets to increase the intensity of your dog’s swim. Our water is tested at least 3 times a day to ensure optimum hygiene at all times. We operate a 2 person per dog system within the pool room while your dog is receiving their hydrotherapy treatment.

Benefits of hydrotherapy

▪     The non-weight bearing exercise helps relieve pain and inflammation on joints whilst providing a tailored work out for your dog.

30 minutes of hydrotherapy is equivalent to taking your dog on a 5 mile run.

▪     Hydrotherapy can be used pre and postoperative to help reduce recovery time and improve mobility in your dog’s joints.

▪     Hydrotherapy can be used to increase your dog’s cardiovascular fitness and endurance when exercising. This is great for agility and sporting dogs.

▪     Hydrotherapy can increase muscle bulk and tone and strengthen the support for joints. This makes the exercise perfect for competition and show dogs

▪     Hydrotherapy is an effective weight management exercise to keep your dog happy and healthy.


Medical conditions that pre and postoperative hydrotherapy can be used to help include:

▪     Hip Dysplasia

▪     Elbow Dysplasia

▪     Cruciate Ligament injury

▪     Spinal problems and injury

▪     Paralysis

▪     Osteoarthritis

▪     Dislocations

▪     Muscle wastage

▪     Obesity

▪     Spondylosis

▪     Chronic Degenerative Radiculomyelopathy (CDRM)

▪     Pre/Post operative muscle maintenance

▪     Relief from arthritis, swelling or general stiffness suffered in elderly dogs

You must consult your veterinary surgeon before booking ANY canine hydrotherapy session. You will have to complete and return our veterinary referral form with all the relevant signatures before any session can commence. Please see our terms and conditions.