Dog Grooming

Dog Haircuts, Nail Trimming, Baths & More!

Woof & Ready is a totally dedicated canine facility in Glossop and we aim to provide a happy, healthy, cage free environment for their grooming experience. Our open and spacious grooming salon has been designed around giving your dog the best grooming experience possible, which owners can see from our full view reception area. We encourage positive reinforcement and aim to have our customers coming in with their tails wagging when they arrive and when they leave!

The founder and head groomer, Holly Morris, is the only City & Guilds qualified groomer in Glossop. She has also completed a Level 3 in Animal Care and is currently completing her International Certified Master Groomer qualification. The grooming team hold many different qualifications from City & Guilds and regularly attend specialist training days and seminars from some of the countries top groomers.

There is a team of 5 groomers and 2 apprentices at the centre and between us we own 20 different breeds of dogs!

From Minnie the Yorkshire terrier, Holly’s first dog that started her off on her grooming career, she also has Alfie the Yorkshire terrier (who you will see regularly swimming because of his degenerate spinal condition), Eddy the Bedlington who travels across the country with Holly to grooming competitions, to the newest member of the team, Fletch the Silver Standard poodle.

Our other groomers Kerry, Amy, Jade and Hazel have Lakeland Borders, Staffordshire Bull Terriers, Shar Pei’s, Miniature Schnauzers, and Collie Crosses.

The newest members of our team Beth and Lilly, who will be doing an apprenticeship at Woof & Ready also have Border Terriers, Bullmastiff’s, and Staffordshire Bull Terriers.

Holly and Eddy regularly compete in national grooming competitions and have several rosettes from their podium places. ‘


Katie Derbyshire

Dennis loves going to Woof & Ready (we call it playgroup) and everytime we get nearby he tries to run up towards the place! He loves playing with the bubble machine and making new friends and he had his very first handstrip before Christmas and came home looking very handsome, thnk he is nearly ready for his next one.

Katie Derbyshire