Grooming Announcement:

High Peak Borough Council and our insurers have advised us that we are able to open from Monday 4th May – BUT only for welfare issue grooming (matted coats, eye, skin, feet, and health conditions only).

Here is a summary of the guidelines set out by the Government and Canine and Feline Sector (CFSG) that we are adhering to:

❌ A car journey made by a pet owner to the grooming salon strictly prohibited
✅ It’s permissible for businesses to travel as part of their work
✅ Salon’s can open provided they can collect one dog per household to take back to the salon
✅Woof and Ready already has an established, insured and safe pick up and drop off service
✅ a client may also walk their dog to or from the groom as part of the client’s daily exercise.
❌the client cannot return home and then return to the salon to collect their dog after grooming due to lockdown guidelines
❌the client cannot wait at or outside the salon for the duration of the groom
✅ the groomer may return the dog as a drop off.
✅ The dog can be collected by someone else from the same household as part of their daily exercise
✅ Only one dog may be groomed at a time and the premises fully disinfected afterwards.

With all these restrictions, appointments will be made and discussed on a case by case basis with priority given to the dogs with welfare conditions.

We already have a list of some of these dogs but please call and leave a message if you feel your dog is in this category.

Woof & Ready will ensure we adopt all the social distancing and hygiene protocols to keep us, staff, our families and customers safe.

The following protocols are:

🐾 Owners should retain all equipment such as leads, dog coats and collars
🐾 A handover procedure will be explained to each customer at point of booking.
🐾 The grooming facility will be thoroughly disinfected between dogs.
🐾 Groomers may only collect dogs if they can disinfect their vehicle between collections.
🐾 Only one dog from one household should be collected at one time.
🐾 Only one dog may be groomed at a time and the dog should have left the premises, with disinfection of the premises occurring, before the next one is allowed to enter.
🐾 In all cases payment should be made by card over the phone or contactless
🐾 It is possible that the coronavirus can sit on a pet’s coat, so disposable gloves and masks will be worn for the initial intake and handling of pets prior to bathing.
🐾 Dogs will be bathed thoroughly prior to ANY grooming procedure.

We ask for any customers that are isolating due to the virus, or have been around anyone showing symptoms to please rearrange if you are contacted about an appointment – no charge for on the day cancellation due to illness.

In conclusion we are beginning to open with very limited staff (only Holly working in the salon) so please bare with us as we will be following strict guidelines.

No drop ins and no nail trims without a groom.

We appreciate everyone’s understanding during this difficult time.

✅ Grooming invited appointment only
❌ Hydrotherapy currently still closed
❌ Daycare
❌ Physio

Thank you,
Woof & Ready Team